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Research and Development

Approximately 10% of the turn-over are invested annually in research and development to maintain the innovation advance and to be internationally capable of competing. 15 employes are working in this department; furthermore, the company works in close collaboration with the University Furtwangen and Schwenningen.


The development of PAJUNK® is totally adjusted to the reqirements of their target group - the physicians. Besids of the development and manufacturing of own products, PAJUNK® also takes over order histories for outside companies, and develops OEM-products. PAJUNK® constructs and produces PAJUNK® special machines and apparatus, too.

Collaboration with Prof. Sprotte

The cooperation with the innovator of the patented SPROTTE® cannula began in the year 1979. To this date, several ideas emerged and are implemented out of this collaboration. The entire device-group for the anaesthesia and pain- therapy are developed with Prof. Sprotte and the company PAJUNK®. The are used in different applications in the clinical everyday life.